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Korite Ammolite elements Collection


A quest for the ultimate gift, LOVE.

Through the “Elements” collection, passion for colour and modern design create an undeniable bond between the energy of the 5 Elements of water, air, fire earth and metal, where one’s unique energy merges with elemental energy to create the alchemy of life itself by introducing the 5th Element: Love – the most powerful energy of all.

An invitation to a personal introspection that beckons the question: what colour is your energy? Your energy, your colour, your design.

Try it. Feel it. Wear it.

Turn up the drama with the Korite Ammolite Elements Collection. With modern movement, this diverse line of finely designed precious gemstone mosaic jewellery includes a unique array of rings, pendants, earrings, and bracelets.

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A modern interpretation of mosaic jewellery, the Korite Ammolite Elements Collection is intricately designed with the incredible natural artistry of rare and precious Ammolite gemstones.

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The Power of Colour

Korite Ammolite

KORITE ammonite is revered by feng shui masters as the most influential stone of the Millennium.

KORITE ammonite is a 71-million-year-old fossil, a perfect combination of heat and pressure to create a geological wonder. Many feng shui experts believe the stone has absorbed a substantial amount of the earth’s and the universe’s positive cosmic energy, an energy also known as qi (ch-ee), that can be found in the multitude of colours in ammonite. One form of qi is light energy. Our brain interprets light energy as colour, so these colours are specific wavelengths of energy that can be used to balance our lives.

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