Duckbill Dinosaur Humerus Bone

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This is the right-hand side Humerus bone of a Duckbill Dinosaur (Hypacrosaurus stebingeri), which could grow as large or larger than the Tyrannosaurus Rex which they lived amongst during the Late Cretaceous period. This bone would have come from an older juvenile or sub-adult dinosaur, but still displays impressive size. This bone measures approximately 52 x 15 cm, weighs 6.5 kg, and stands 49.5 cm tall!

This bone was found on private land in the Two Medicine Formation in Montana, USA - this formation also extends into Alberta, Canada.

This Hypacrosaurus bone has been professionally prepared and stabilized in our dinosaur preparation lab. It has been prepared to “Museum standards”. There are multiple repaired cracks throughout the diaphysis, some of which required gap-fill restoration. There is some weathering on the ends of the bones, but nothing of great significance; the condition is still “excellent”. It comes with a custom-made, powder-coated metal display stand (7.6 kg).

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Caring for your Ammolite 

Like all gemstones, Ammolite should be treated with care and attention.

-Avoid exposure to direct heat.
-Do not over-expose to water.
-Avoid hard impact to the stone
-Do not clean in ultrasonic cleaners
-Use a soft, none-abrasive cloth to clean your Ammolite jewellery.

    Ammolite Grades

    -Standard grade stones will display 1-2 colours and can often include matrix lines.

    -A grade stones will display 2 or more colours in brighter tones than standard.

    -AA grade stones will display 3 or more bright colours.

    -AAA grade stone will display 3 or more vibrant colours from any angle.

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    If, after inspection, we find that your Korite Ammolite Jewellery was defective in material or workmanship, we will repair it free of charge or replace it at our discretion. 

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