Canadian Ammonite

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This is a truly majestic, complete ammonite which displays a myriad of tantalizing color tones, in greater breadth and depth than any hand specimen. This ammonite was prepared on only one side, with the other side left blank. The truly illustrious beauty of this ammonite cannot be understated. A massive ocean of hyper-intense green is surrounded by a deep, mystical vignette of rich purple and blue. This color pattern is consistent and featured deeply throughout the face of this ammonite fossil, which is a rare and unique sight. Additionally, the inclusion of purple, one of the rarest and most elusive colors in ammolite gemstones, is a noteworthy feature of this standout ammonite fossil. This ammonite is one of the rarest species found by KORITE, and was collected close to the bottom of the KORITE mine.

Only in one small area of North America does one find this brilliant gemstone. Over millions of years, the nacre of the ammonite's shell has been transformed to take on this wild range of iridescent colouring.  It comes with a wood stand and a certificate of authenticity. For international shipping, all customs paperwork is included. This specimen is registered with the Government of Canada and leaves the country with all the required permits and documentation.

Placenticeras costatum. This single-sided ammonite measures 40cm x 30cm x 1.5cm. Weight: 3.0kg.

KORITE is not responsible for any import duties or taxes that may be applicable.

Caring for your Ammolite 

Like all gemstones, Ammolite should be treated with care and attention.

-Avoid exposure to direct heat.
-Do not over-expose to water.
-Avoid hard impact to the stone
-Do not clean in ultrasonic cleaners
-Use a soft, none-abrasive cloth to clean your Ammolite jewellery.

    Ammolite Grades

    -Standard grade stones will display 1-2 colours and can often include matrix lines.

    -A grade stones will display 2 or more colours in brighter tones than standard.

    -AA grade stones will display 3 or more bright colours.

    -AAA grade stone will display 3 or more vibrant colours from any angle.

    KORITE's Ammolite Jewellery Guarantee

    Korite provides a Lifetime Guarantee on all jewellery with proof of purchase from a Korite Authorized Dealer or, on our website, against defects in every Ammolite gem.

    If, after inspection, we find that your Korite Ammolite Jewellery was defective in material or workmanship, we will repair it free of charge or replace it at our discretion. 

    Learn More About KORITE'S Jewellery Guarantee.

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